ItsHandMade - the story so far.

We love it when people want to know the story behind ItsHandMade. It sends us to a happy place and makes what we do worthwhile. ItsHandMade, the dream, was created to give an opportunity to all the creative people around us to share their creations on a common platform. In an artistically populous country like ours, we felt the need to give sellers an identity of their own without having to invest in websites and marketing tools. The dream is to give people a reason to create art all the time as a means to a livelihood, instead of just a hobby.

What we are hoping for is to connect creators to collectors who have always had an eye for original creations. To do away with the middlemen and help buyers understand the origin behind these creations. To help them build a relationship and share a magical space where everyone learns to share and fall in love with everything handmade. And with curious little delights like you, we see that we are on the right track.

The Team

Shreya Bajaj - Founder

Level-headed. Creative. Bustling. She is everything representative of ItsHandMade. Backed by three generations of entrepreneurs, she has inherited a strong business sense, but with a touch of artistic charm. A CA by qualification, and a dreamer, she has the perfect combination of skill and passion to make her ideas come to life.

Nandini Vaidyanathan - Former Mentor

Doer. Writer. Mentor. With years of experience teaching entrepreneurship at business schools around the world like Princeton, London School of Economics, IIMA, IIMB, and ISB, to name a few, she has mentored many a potentially great start-up. A TED speaker, and a successful author, she's a force to reckon with.

Sanaa Abussamad - Writer

Funny. Creative. Resourceful. With an obsession of finding new ways to entertain herself, she is equipped with several skills and is currently and always learning few more. With an eye-pop for anything original and quirky, this Advertising and Media Management graduate is the perfect little addition to the ItsHandMade family.